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Commercial & Residential Emergency Generators

Generators for Electrical Emergencies & Power Outages

Many homes and businesses throughout the Mid-Ohio Valley region require a steady source of electricity, especially in an emergency. When the weather turns bad or the standard power grid goes out, Law Heating & Cooling can install emergency generators. These are the types of machines that places like hospitals and emergency operations rely on to keep important equipment going. Call Law Heating & Cooling today at (304) 991-0488 to schedule your estimate on commercial and residential emergency generator maintenance or installation.

Machines Require Backup Generators – Call Law Heating & Cooling

Emergency generators are important to provide emergency backup for restaurants or other companies that deal with stocks of perishable goods, as well as families with loved ones who rely on breathing or other health-related apparatuses. Knowing how much energy your location will require in an emergency depends on several factors. Some require emergency lighting for a specific period, while others have important machines or other equipment that must always be kept online. To know the specific electrical generator needs for your property, call Law Heating & Cooling today.

Trust Law Heating & Cooling to Keep You Operating

Let our experts analyze and develop a plan that provides for emergency generation for whenever the power may go out. It can be a real life saver for your household or business and you may qualify for financing. Depending on the type of emergency generation your residential or commercial property requires, the industry professionals at Law Heating & Cooling can obtain and install the right make and model from among the most popular brands on the market:

  • Briggs & Stratton
  • Champion
  • Cummins
  • Generac
  • Kohler

We know you do your best, so let us do our best to keep your home or business going, even when the power goes out, with reliable emergency generator services.