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Residential Contractor Serving Meigs and Gallia Counties, OH

Law Heating & Cooling is proud to provide residents in both Meigs and Gallia Counties, Ohio, with routine and emergency heating and cooling services. Our technicians know area homes because we live in the local communities. Law Heating & Cooling is a contractor that customers in the area trust when they need reliable help with home air conditioning and quick response on heating and HVAC. Our crews do preventive maintenance on residential HVAC, including HVAC cleaning, and installation and repair work on heaters, furnaces, boilers.

Commercial HVAC for Business and Industry in Gallia County, OH

Business and industry in Meigs and Gallia Counties of Ohio can take advantage of our commercial HVAC services. The commercial and industrial HVAC services we provide include standard air conditioning and heating, as well as specialty services for rooftop and refrigeration units throughout Meigs and Gallia Counties. We also tackle larger boilers and commercial kitchen equipment installation, repair, and maintenance. Call Law Heating & Cooling today at (304) 991-0488 to schedule your free estimate or call whenever you need 24-hour emergency assistance.

Emergency Generators in Gallipolis from Law Heating & Cooling

Emergency generators are important in providing backup electricity to restaurants and other businesses in Gallipolis, OH. If your company operates machines that need a steady temperature or maintain a stock of perishable goods, emergency generators make great business sense. Law Heating & Cooling can also assist Gallipolis families with loved ones that need power for health equipment. Whether you need to keep medication refrigerated, run emergency lights, or charge phones or other devices, we can help determine your power needs and install the right generator for your location. Call the pros at Law Heating & Cooling today to arrange installation of emergency generators for your residential or commercial needs.

Restaurant HVAC Problems? We are Ready for Your Call in Coolville

Coolville-area restaurants in Meigs County can call Law Heating & Cooling for help with restaurant HVAC. Our work includes installation, preventive maintenance, and repair of the commercial kitchen equipment. Law Heating & Cooling technicians have experience with the wide variety of equipment restaurants use every day, such as air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, chillers, and other critical components. For prompt response and necessary repairs our teams offer 24-hour services.

Geothermal Contractor Serving Pomeroy & Meigs County, OH

Meigs County-area property owners can count on Law Heating & Cooling as a residential geothermal contractor. Our technicians use the power of the Earth as an environmentally friendly way to heat and cool homes in Pomeroy and surrounding areas. Innovations in geothermal heating and cooling offer significant benefits to residents. When you are ready to explore geothermal options, call us at Law Heating & Cooling: (304) 991-0488.

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Law Heating & Cooling Serves Meigs & Gallia Counties in OH

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