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Commercial Boilers and Kitchen Equipment
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Commercial Kitchens Can Rely on Law Heating & Cooling

For commercial boilers and kitchen equipment in the Mid-Ohio Valley, contact Law Heating & Cooling. Commercial and industrial kitchens in Belpre, OH, Marietta, OH, Parkersburg, WV, Vienna, WV, and more can rely on our technicians. Our experienced team serves business customers requiring excellence in boilers and commercial kitchen equipment.

Contact us for routine maintenance and installation and for prompt, responsive 24-hour emergency service when needed. Call or text Law Heating & Cooling today at (304) 991-0488 or contact us online for commercial boilers and kitchen equipment services.

Law Heating & Cooling Repairs and Installs Commercial Boilers

A key component in any commercial or industrial-sized kitchen is having enough hot water. Many commercial kitchens have setups that rely on steam for sterilization and food preparation. When your commercial boiler needs maintenance, repair, or replacement, count on Law Heating & Cooling for prompt attention. Call us today to find out more or to schedule work on your commercial boiler.

24-Hour Repairs on Commercial and Industrial Kitchen Equipment

Large commercial and industrial kitchens depend on many types of equipment to keep their operations running smoothly. On a regular basis, commercial kitchen equipment requires cleaning and inspection. When something runs afoul, kitchen managers keep Law Heating & Cooling’s phone number handy. Count on us for prompt, 24-hour repair for hot-side commercial kitchen equipment. Our technicians have more than 20 years of experience in maintaining and servicing the most popular brands.

Food Safety Regulations Require Kitchen Equipment Maintenance

Hot-side equipment requires periodic cleaning and inspection, particularly for those parts that could cause breakdowns. Call Law Heating & Cooling to perform this maintenance when it is most convenient. Doing so will allow you to continue operations with greater peace of mind. Trust our knowledgeable technicians for advice on when to replace failing parts. Law Heating & Cooling offers commercial kitchen service maintenance contracts custom-designed to meet your needs.

We Offer Commercial and Industrial Services for the Mid-Ohio Valley

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Commercial / Industrial

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Services in the Belpre, OH, Region

Commercial and industrial kitchens in Belpre, OH, and surrounding areas rely heavily on boilers and other equipment for several reasons. One of which is to help prepare and serve food to large numbers of diners. From eat-in cafeterias in hospitals and schools, to fast-food restaurants that serve takeout, commercial kitchen equipment must work reliably.

Law Heating & Cooling offers outstanding maintenance and repair services on commercial kitchen equipment. Contact us today for service in Belpre, OH, Marietta, OH, Parkersburg, WV, Vienna, WV, and more. Depend on Law Heating & Cooling in Belpre, OH, when you need commercial boilers and kitchen equipment.